Shanghai Suburb Mansion With Swimming Pool

This mansion with the swimming pool in suburb of Shanghai, is furnished and equipped with all the necessity for film production and photo production.

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With an illustrious track record spanning over a decade, Studio In China has been at the forefront of video production and filming/production support. Established in 2012 and headquartered in Shanghai, our expertise extends far and wide, helping numerous clients realize their creative vision.

Your Vision, Our Expertise – A Bilingual Production Journey At Studio In China, we take pride in assisting hundreds of clients with their filming ventures in China. Our bilingual English Chinese team stands ready to guide and support you through every step of the production process, ensuring a seamless experience.

Unveiling Artistic Horizons – Fortune 500 to International Brands Our prowess in the industry is evident in our collaborations with Fortune 500 companies, media organizations, sports events, and international brands. Since 2012, we have played a pivotal role in creating captivating content within China’s diverse landscape.

Shanghai Mansion – The Perfect Filming Location Hire Amidst the dynamic cityscape of Shanghai lies our jewel, the Shanghai Mansion, a versatile filming location that embodies both modernity and tradition. With its exquisite design and breathtaking settings, it serves as the perfect canvas for your creative endeavors.

Location Scouting – Discovering Hidden Gems Our dedicated location scouting team is skilled in uncovering the most captivating sites across Shanghai and other major Chinese cities. Whether it’s capturing the essence of ancient alleyways or the grandeur of modern architecture, we ensure your project finds the ideal backdrop.

A Comprehensive Production Journey – Full Coverage in Chinese Cities Beyond Shanghai, Studio In China extends its support to various other Chinese cities, including Beijing, Chengdu, and Xiamen. Our production services encompass the nation, offering you diverse and rich landscapes for your cinematic aspirations.

Envisioning Your Masterpiece – Studio In China’s Offerings Envision your masterpiece as we bring your creative vision to life. Our team, comprising expert cameramen, skilled camera crews, experienced directors, and more, collaborates seamlessly to achieve cinematic excellence.

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