Suzhou photo studio rental

Suzhou photo studio rental

Looking for Suzhou photo studio rental? This Suzhou photo studio is designed specifically for photographers. The photography studio adopts an eggshell-shaped design, which is inspired by professional commercial studios in Japan. This design helps to eliminate stray light, regardless of whether you are shooting portraits or highly reflective still lifes. The shooting space is 4.5 meters high, 6.5 meters wide, and 11 meters deep.

  1. Suzhou photo studio rental Location and Amenities:

The studio is located in Suzhou Old Town. The studio is equipped with a coffee break area, an independent makeup room, an independent clothing fitting room, and an independent bathroom.

  1. Equipment:

The studio is equipped with the world’s best recognized flash system, the imported Swedish Profoto flash system, 2 d2 units and 4 d1 units. It also has a Canon, Sony camera, 70-200 f2.8 lens, and 50 f1.2 lens. There are also 6 Kupo magic legs and various reflectors, baffles, and background papers.

  1. Supporting Services:

We not only provide studio rental services, but also provide comprehensive shooting service systems such as lighting control and planning solutions, so that you can shoot without worry.

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